Looking For Legit Vendors of Fake Money Online?

Don’t waste your time with unreliable Fake Money vendors, If you want a legit source for your fake Currencies. We provide the highest-quality, most realistic Counterfeit Bank Notes For Sale. Unlike our competitors who claim to produce all currencies and often result in lower quality bills, we specialize in just a few select currencies like the US-Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Canadian-dollars, and Australian dollars, and we do it better than anyone else!


Who Makes The Best Counterfeit Money ?

Our journey started with local fabrication, in which we used artisanal/archaic methods to produce fake money for sale. In this method, we would use printers with very low quality papers which couldn’t even permit the bills to possess any real money characteristic. The early counterfeits we made at the time where COMPLETE and UTTER trash. Those who bought them either needed for personal preferences but never could they use anywhere.

As time went, we learned from our mistakes and continue working on our techniques to be able to replicate the fake bank notes 1:1 with the real money. It was at that time we started studying the manufacturing process of real money, taking into account every little detail such as the security features, the papers used and the type of printing technique involve.


We have worked hard to become the world’s best & legit source as fake money vendors.

With the ever increasing and improving technology, it become way more easy to get the right quality papers, the correct printing machines to be to produce such undetectable counterfeit banknotes for sale.

As compared to yesteryears, we now boast of intaglio printing as against the sublimation which wasn’t only slow and tedious, but also had a very high failure rate. eg, 100 counterfeit bills could be produced but just 15 could pass the counterfeit tests making them have just an abysmal 15% success rate.

With the intaglio process, it’s different. We get an average of 98.98% success rate. Implying that if we do print say 100 counterfeit banknotes then at least 98 of them will pass the counterfeit tests which is indeed a very huge step up from yesteryears.

Another advantage of the intaglio printing process is that it is time and cost saving. With the sublimation process, it could take anywhere between 2-4 days to produce an order worth 5000, In addition, it could cost anywhere between 3000-6000 atimes to produce an order worth 5000. This was a huge loss for us but needed to incur that loss to build a reliable client base.

Today with the intaglio process, an order worth 5000 can be mass produce in under 5 hours. However the testing and other related stuffs can take it upto 8 hours which is still far more impressive than the previous method we used to use. Mass production as well is also less costly hence why we are able to charge now way less for more quality and still make profits.

The improvement and years of service couple with all the experiences we have makes us the best option for those looking for who makes the best counterfeit money online.


Legit Vendors Of Fake Money

Dark Web Trusted

From selling in the streets, our first ever attempt to sell online was on the dark web or deep as its fondly called. We started selling first on Silk road which was the most popular at the time before it was being taken down by the Feds. We moved over to dream market then Alphabay where we gained  lots of experience Reviews and built a reputation as one of the best dark web trusted vendors.

After alphabay was taken down, we had to lay low for a while before hitting on Empire Market which at the time was growing to be the undisputed replacement of Alphabay, just sadly enough it ended up being an exit scam. We still maintained our strong portfolio as the one of the best counterfeit money legit vendors darkweb.

Selling in the darknet is not as easy as it may seem as there lots of daunting task and challenges to endure. The constant shutting down of markets or exit scams of some markets makes it a tough challenge keeping and maintaining a strong client base hence why we had to resort to the clearnet as an alternative “option”.

Where to buy the Fake counterfeit money online?

With now over a couple of years on the clearnet, we still have maintained a very strong spot as one of the best fake money for sale legit vendors. The quality of our products are without a doubt the best in the market. Given the technology and years of expertise we produce just the best counterfeit money for sale.

We produce each fake currency, following the guides and paying attention to every very very minute detail as they also count as well. All notes from the respective currencies we make, are exactly the same weight and dimensions as the OGs.

These include and not limited to, all double sided prints, with the real feel and look, UV markings and various security features such as holograms, security stripes etc. Predominantly we use papers which are predominantly made of cotton.

However, with the case of the polymer bills such as the GBP notes and the CAD,, we use a slight different paper and technique. The case of the £10 and NEW £20 for example, are printed with high quality waterproof print onto our notes, they feel smooth, crisp and like the real polymer notes.

Treated with our own blend of a chemical solution to add crisp, our notes are also complete with holograms to simulating the original holographic strip. These realistic counterfeit money for sale, are are uniquely made to the highest standard and we remain the number option for those looking for where to Buy Fake Money Canada.

Legit Vendors Of Fake Money

Where To Get The Best Legit Vendors Of Fake Money Online?

Furthermore, we have secure methods of transaction, so everything Legit Vendors Of Fake Money with us is secured from start to end. And with our legitimacy, reasonable prices and high quality products, no client ever does business with us and goes unsatisfied.

We remain very innovative and open to criticisms taking corrections as lessons to correct improve and make perfect for not just the overall quality of our bills, but also to improve the overall customer experience whenever they buy 100% undetectable counterfeit money from us.

Our humble beginnings has made it possible for us to come this far, and we still believe we have a long way to go. It not just the money that matters, the overall customer experience and their satisfaction is more important than whatever money we make. That’s why we take our time to reply each of your questions and worries both before and after your purchase.

The quality of our services mixed with the overall excellent quality of the best undetectable counterfeit money for sale, makes us easily the best option for those looking for where to get the best counterfeit money online.


FAQs On Legit Vendors Of Fake Money Online

Our journey started with local fabrication, in which we used artisanal/archaic methods to produce fake money for sale. Now we use the intaglio printing process which gives these bills 1:1 real money look and feel.



We are driven by values

Core at our values, are customers satisfaction, privacy, safe and secure delivery as well as the overall customer experience. That matters to us more than the money making process. For with no customers, there is no business.


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